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LAHE - Kirjoituspöytä korkealle sängylle

LAHE - Kirjoituspöytä korkealle sängylle


Normaalihinta €148,80
Normaalihinta €0,00 Myyntihinta €148,80
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  • The full-size desktop gives you a practical and spacious work space under LAHE high sleeper.
  • The desktop is as wide as the bed is long which gives you the possibility to make several "work stations" or have lots of space for storage either above or below the desktop.
  • The desktop is easy to mount on the bed with the included screws and brackets.


  • Material: pinewood
  • Dimensions of the table top: 199x55 cm
  • Fits Lahe high beds size 90x200 cm

Care instructions

  • Wash with a hard-wrung cloth and mild soapy water.
  • Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
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