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Throwing game - Scatter

Throwing game - Scatter


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  • A popular game of Finnish origin.
  • Two or more players.
  • Tests skill, concentration, strategy and accuracy.
  • The game can be enjoyed all summer - play in the garden, park, beach, lawn or anywhere else in the open air.
  • It helps to practice mental arithmetic, so it's a great way to learn maths outdoors.
  • The set includes 12 game sticks (numbered 1 - 12), a throwing stick and a rule card.
  • The game is in a wooden box, which is good to take with you and store.


  • Made of birch wood
  • The set includes 12 numbered sticks with dimensions of 44x150 mm
  • Throwing stick 44x225 mm
  • Wooden box with sliding lid 29x19x11 cm
  • Product weight 2.65 kg
  • Made in Estonia

How to play

  • 2 or more contestants can play as single players or as teams.
  • In the first game, the order of shots is drawn.
  • In subsequent games, the player with the lowest score starts the roll.
  • To start the game, place the sticks in a specific order 3-4 meters from the throwing line.
  • The first player swings the throwing stick towards the numbered sticks, trying to hit and knock them down.
  • In case of a hit, the points are counted, and marked and the order of play passes to the next player.
  • Only the underhand is thrown.
  • A stick is not considered dropped if it rests even slightly on another stick or a throwing stick.
  • The fallen sticks are placed upright in the same place where they are.
  • Calculation of points:
  • If one stick falls, roll the score = stick number.
  • If more sticks fall, roll the score = number of sticks dropped.
  • Finishing the game:
  • The first player to get EXACTLY 50 points wins.
  • If the score goes over 50, the player drops back to 25 points.
  • If a player misses three times in a row, he is eliminated from the game and his score remains 0 points.
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