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Bed bumper - 60x120 cm

Bed bumper - 60x120 cm


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  • Hoppekids Bed bumper.
  • The bed bumper protects the small arms and legs from getting stuck between the bars and creates a soft barrier so the child won't accidentally kick or hit the sides of the bed's sider.
  • The bed bumper can also shield the baby against sounds and other disturbing elements.
  • The bed bumper is easy to mount to the bed - just tie the short ties around the bars.


  • Fits beds with mattresses size 60x120 cm
  • Height: 23 cm
  • Closed with velcro strips and fastened with ties
  • Material (cover): cotton with a layer of synthetic batting
  • Quality cover: 100% Cotton, 125g/m2
  • Quality synthetic batting: 80g/m2
  • Quality felt layer: 125g/m2
  • Item weight: 0,6 kg

Care instructions

  • Can be washed at 30 degrees. 
  • Do not iron or tumble dry.
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