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King - Desk

King - Desk


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  • The King desk has one unified working space consisting of two surfaces - tiltable and flat.
  • This makes it easy to engage in various activities.
  • The flat surface can accommodate everything needed for study and work and you can comfortably read, write, and draw on the tilted surface.  
  • The height of the desk can adjust for the child 's growth.
  • At the maximum height adjustment you can work at the table standing up (for children 100-170cm tall). 
  • Practical surface material, it's covered by a 4-layer laminate.
  • Ergonomic design, no sharp edges and angles.
  • Easy adjustment of height and the tilt angle.


  • Table Color: White
  • Base Color: Gray
  • Size:140*76 cm
  • Height:54~79 cm (+/-2cm)
  • Tilting angle:0~29 degree (+/-2cm)
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