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ABC-123 Wooden blocks - 36 pcs

ABC-123 Wooden blocks - 36 pcs


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    • Hours of timeless play await your toddler!
    • Solid wooden blocks with colorful pictures, letters and numbers.
    • Trains motor skills - blocks help promote children's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
    • The blocks can be used for sorting, stacking, building and matching.
    • You can choose between different alphabets.
    • Conveniently stores in an included wooden box.
    • You can personalize the product box by adding the child's name and date of birth.


      • Made of birch wood
      • Colorful collection of pictures, letters, and numbers
      • Covered with water-based varnish and wear-resistant color printing
      • Varnish and printing ink meet the requirements of the toy safety standard EN 71-3
      • Suitable for children from 2 years of age
      • The set contains 36 cubes measuring 34x34x34 mm
      • Wooden box with sliding lid 24x24x5 cm
      • Product weight 1.35 kg
      • Made in Estonia

      Care instructions

      • Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.
      • Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

      How to play

      • Learn letters: Have your child explore different letters. Pronounce the letters. Show what each letter looks like.
      • Make words: Have your child make words by placing the letter blocks together. For example, it can form the word “cat” or “car”.
      • Word Search: Say the word and have the child find the letter blocks that make up the word.
      • Letter Sorting: Have the child line up the blocks in alphabetical order.
      • Storytelling: Children can use the pictures on the blocks to tell stories or improvise stories based on the elements on the blocks. For example, they can tell a story about a dog's adventures using the picture of an elephant on the blocks and matching letters and numbers.
      • Learn numbers: Let your child explore different numbers. Show what each number looks like. Show what the odd and even numbers are.
      • Math practice: Have the child form addition, subtraction or multiplication problems.
      • Ordering the numbers: Have the child put the numbers in order.
      • Sort letters and numbers: Children can sort the blocks according to letters and numbers. For example, they can put all the blocks with the letter "A" in one pile and all the blocks with the numbers "1" in another pile.
      • Create word and number puzzles: Kids can use the letters and numbers on the blocks to create puzzles where other kids have to put the word or number together.
      • Puzzle games: Kids can arrange blocks to form puzzles or sudoku-like games where each row, column, and block contains only one letter, number and picture of an animal.
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